Who I am

Art director, brand activator, digital expert, event planner, graphic designer, marketing strategist, minimal photographer, project manager, sustainable thinker, world explorer… and all-around good guy from Brussels. I’m focused on delivering true and valued stories through useful experiences.

Great experience speaks to your head, and your heart. It makes you feel different, and think differently. It makes you remember, and respond. That’s what I aim for : to go from insight to ideas to experience that connects. I’m a maker with a knack for colouring outside the lines. I dream with purpose. Create with intention. Then help stories to speak for themselves…

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What I do

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Activation
  • Community Management
  • Concept Development
  • Content Production
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Minimal Photography
  • Project Management
  • Studio Portraiture
  • Web Design

What I understand


Where I worked

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Amsterdam
  • Antwerp
  • Berlin
  • Brussels
  • Eindhoven
  • Kraków
  • London
  • Montreal (remote)
  • Moscow (remote)
  • Paris
  • ...